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In 2020, Christopher "The Real Frii" Elliott, set the FIRST-EVER Official World Record for Longest Written Alliteration, with his poetry book "The Epic Poem: Mastermind". Mastermind is book one in The Epic Poem book series. 


Christopher Elliott is the visionary founder and CEO of Frii Branding LLC, a distinguished branding and communications agency headquartered in Connecticut, USA. With a remarkable track record as a world record-setting writer, branding consultant, and serial creative, Christopher brings a unique blend of talent and expertise to the industry.


Christopher's commitment to excellence is evident through his specialized certifications in persuasive writing and public speaking from Harvard University, as well as his advanced studies in Digital Communication at Johns Hopkins University. With over 15 years of vocational experience in education, human services, and law enforcement, Christopher possesses a diverse skill set that sets him apart in the branding and communications landscape.


Drawing from over a decade of experience in the realms of TV/film, performing arts, podcast executive production, and voiceover, Christopher has honed his craft and established himself as a dynamic force in the creative industry. His international acclaim as a performing artist has taken him across the United States, England, and Switzerland, while his role as a facilitator of creative writing workshops in the U.S. and France showcases his passion for inspiring others.


Christopher's multifaceted background and extensive experience have positioned him as a go-to source for individual and global brands like Delta Airlines, Everlast Worldwide, RedBull, Hulu, and the University of Connecticut to name a few. His innovative approach to branding and communications, coupled with his unwavering dedication to creativity and excellence, make him a trusted leader in the field. 

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"Chris Elliott…has felt the economic sting of shut-downs and cancelled events amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he is determined to still put his lyrical talents to creative use, setting the official world record for 'Longest Alliteration'"

-New Haven Register

“In classes for English Language Arts, students learn that alliteration is a writing technique that uses words that begin with the same letter — “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.” A rapper from New Haven, Connecticut certainly learned that lesson: He has just set a record for the world’s “longest alliteration” in English with a poem called “The Epic Poem: Mastermind.”

-The Boston Globe: News In Education

“The Real Frii Sets World Record Amid Pandemic for ‘The World’s Longest Alliteration’”

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